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Report for 2012
Lock Farm Community Donation Project

The purpose of the Lock Farm CDP
is to make fresh vegetables available to person whom may not be able to
purchase them in a store, at a farm stand or from a farmer's market.

2012 season

LOCK FARM - 17 boxes of produce= $346

CSA donations - 40 bags =$800

 donations by customers who visit our farm stand = $47

(providing 2 families with a CSA farm share)

Grand Total $1,643

Groups that participated:
Dorsey Christian Chapel
Mt. Airy Senior Center
Operation Homefront
Woosboro Luthern Chruch
Walkersville Food Bank
Frederick Community Action Agency

Mr. William L. Writs and Family
Mrs. Lisa Shepard

Thank You
to all who helped to make this program possible!!!


Mary Poffenbarger
April 2013

Community Planting 2011


Poffenbargers Feeding the Needy

Originally published November 02, 2010

I read with interest your article on the plight of area food banks, and applaud the efforts of Summers Farm to help its community with their donation of canned food. I want to point out that another area farm has for about a year now quietly gone about donating fresh produce to individuals and food banks in need.

Lock Farm (Woodsboro) began offering CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares four years ago. Last year they began donating unclaimed bags of CSA food (each containing about a week's worth of produce) directly to needy families.

This year the owners, John and Mary Poffenbarger, wanted to do something more substantial to serve their community. Thus was born the Lock Farm Community Donation Project, whose mission is to make their fresh produce available to those who cannot afford to purchase these products anywhere else.

Five area groups have already benefited: the Walkersville, Thurmont and Knoxville food banks, Dorsey Christian Chapel, and Mount Airy Senior Center. Since the CSA regular season just ended, the official tally isn't in, but estimates are that 30 dozen eggs, 95 boxes of produce, and 55 CSA bags were donated. The approximate value of these products is more than $2,000.

John and Mary also initiated the "Matching Bucks" program, to which customers donated nearly $200. By matching these donations, cards are provided to needy residents, allowing them to purchase additional produce or other items offered at their stand. Funds were also used to purchase bushels of apples for participating groups.

This description doesn't do justice to all that John and Mary do for the Frederick County community. My hope in writing this letter is to publicly acknowledge the Poffenbargers' efforts, and to urge the community to support Lock Farm so that they can continue to grow the CDP program.

You can learn more about Lock Farm and the CDP at www.LockFarm.net.



New Market



The Lock Farm in Woodsboro, Maryland announces 

the inauguration of the Lock Farm Community Donation Project. 

This growing season the farm will implement the new program designed 

to provide fresh vegetables and fruits to persons who may not be able 

to afford to purchase these items in the store, at a farm stand, or from

 a farmers’ market.

The Lock Farm has a  produce stand in Woodsboro at which fresh produce, eggs, and meats are sold. During spring and summer the Lock Farm also maintains a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.  For 20 weeks patrons receive a bag of fresh and locally grown vegetables and fruits. 

John and Mary Poffenbarger have often thought that it would be important to serve the community further by helping those who cannot afford to purchase a CSA. The Lock Farm Community Donation Project was inspired by one of the Lock Farm’s CSA patrons. During the fall season the family purchased a second CSA to be given to a needy family in the area. The idea was just what John Poffenbarger needed to solidify his desire to make the fresh products from his farm available to persons with lower or fixed incomes.

The plan is to make a portion of the Lock Farm’s harvest available to area agencies and/or directly to households in need. The Lock Farm Community Donation Project (CDP) will begin in June and continue through October.

Contacts will be made to groups or individuals who will be willing and able to participate in this effort to help persons in need obtain fresh and locally grown produce. Volunteers are needed to take on the responsibilities of maintaining a pick-up and delivery system.

If you or your group are interested and would like to participate in or make donations to The Lock Farm Community Donation Project contact John Poffenbarger at 301-639-6988 or by email at poffmaj@earthlink.net.

The Lock Farm is located in Woodsboro, one mile from the intersection of RT 194 and Coppermine Road.


For more information 
email: click on LOCK FARM below
for a quick response 
phone: Farmer John at 301-639-6988.

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